2 Minute Chakra Meditation For Balance

    Many people don’t have time to  perform a 30,60, and 90 minute meditations. But this quick 2 Minute Chakra Meditation For Balance can fit anywhere in your day and balance your chakras.


    1. Say the first part of the phrase (in blue) out-loud as you take in a deep breathe.
    2. Say the second part of the phrase (in green) as you exhale.
    3. Take 5 seconds for both the inhale and exhale
    4. Repeat each incantation 10x’s

    12 Incantations:

    1. (My energy)(is free of blockages)
    2. (My root chakra)(is deeply grounded)
    3. (My sacral chakra juices)(are creative and bold)
    4. (My solar plexus)(feels mellow and calm)
    5. (My heart)(is filled with love)
    6. (My throat)(speaks the truth)
    7. (My third eye)(intuits inner knowledge)
    8. (My crown chakra)(projects inspiration)
    9. (My chakras)(are spinning in alignment)
    10. (My aura)(is colorful and clutter-free)
    11. (My light-body)(beams brightly)
    12. (I am)(centered and balanced)

    When you have completed all incantation you will be left feeling centered and balance.

    Source: Ten Zen Second: Twelve Incantations for Purpose, Power, and Calm by Eric Maise


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