5 Ingredient Detox Smoothie (Detox Breakfast)

    Vegan, 5 ingredient detox smoothie with lots of fiber, antioxidants, and immune boosting nutrients for optimum health. Perfect for breakfast or a snack.
    • 1 cup frozen berries
    • 1 cup organic spinach or kale
    • 1/2 cup bananas, previously peeled, sliced & frozen
    • 1 Tbsp flax seed meal
    • 1 cup fruit juice (I mixed pomegranate & orange = my faves)
    • Optional: 2 Tbsp silken tofu
    1. Add all ingredients to a blender and blend on high until smooth. If too thick, add a splash more juice or water. For more sweetness, add extra frozen banana.
    2. Pour into two serving glasses and enjoy.
    Nutrition Information
    Serving size: 1 smoothie Calories: 181 Fat: 1.6g Saturated fat: 0g Carbohydrates: 41g Sugar: 29g Sodium: 19mg Fiber: 4.7g Protein: 2.5g

    Recipe From http://minimalistbaker.com


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