Monday Motivation: 7 Affirmations For Positive Thinking

    7 Affirmations For Positive Thinking

    Affirmations are small but key positive messages to the subconscious. They are used as reminders, helping to keep positive messages at the forefront of our consciousness. Not only is it important to regularly think these affirmations, it is a great idea to leave them lying around the place, where you will occasionally notice them. Some are very powerfully reinforced by looking at yourself in the mirror as you speak them. But remember you can say affirmations but if your general thinking is negative, and you don’t put your heart and focus into those affirmations, your results will likely be less than positive.

    One thing that’s really powerful is to actually use them to affirm your power to think positively. Here are 7 affirmations you can start using today for positive thinking.

    1. “I am in control of my own thinking.”
    2. “I think only thoughts that create and fulfill the best in me.”
    3. “My mind is constantly in tune with the positive.”
    4. “I am full of great thoughts and positive ideas.”
    5. “I consciously choose what I think.”
    6. “I always choose thoughts that are most positive and beneficial to me.”
    7. “I remember to think positively all day, every day.”


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