“By thought, man either blesses or curses himself.” Henry Thomas Hamblin

    Thought is the main cause of our actions and decisions as well as what we attract into our lives. You must first overcome life’s difficulties through your thinking before you can overcome them through action and your external experiences. You are encouraged to be in command of your thoughts and your perceptions to transform your life for the better.  Our thoughts which are internal directly affect our external experiences. Research has demonstrated that we have between 45,000 and 51,000 thoughts a day. Furthermore, research has also demonstrated that for most individuals 80% of those thoughts are unhealthy. Many of these 51,000 thoughts are “sub-conscious” thoughts meaning that they are below our conscious or awareness level.

    You can bring your damaging thoughts into your awareness and correct them by thinking healthy thoughts that serve and support you in being your best self. What you think and believe is all a matter of choice. For example, consider your thoughts and beliefs about happiness. Can happiness only be attained when your goals are reached; when your dreams have become a reality? The answer is, NO. You can decide to be happy now regardless of outcomes and everything else around you. Think of happiness as something you can experience any time and not only when outcomes turn out as desired. You can be happy without conditions tied to it. Happiness can be yours right now at this moment and it begins with your thinking.

    Let’s explore another example about thoughts. Dealing with stress is a common challenge that many people face. Often times stress is self-induced but if you transform your thoughts you can reduce your stress levels. Become a positive thinker and engage in positive thinking each day, throughout the day. Avoid blowing things out of proportion and jumping to conclusions. Eliminate the “all or nothing” mentality. Make it a habit to focus on the good and destroy the ego that insists on being perfect. These are just a couple of examples of damaging thoughts that can be eliminated. Make the time and effort to develop more healthy thinking patterns and dramatically transform your life for the better.

    At this very moment you may be thinking about the ups and downs in life that you have had or the difficulties that you may currently be experiencing. One doesn’t have to be a psychic to guess that you will also have future challenges. We can’t always arrange people and events to our wishes. That being said, we must learn how to transform our thinking about our challenges when they arise. You can either use your challenge to transform you to a better version of your former self or you can use it to impede your progress and human potential. In the end, it is a better return on investment to work on transforming your thinking so that you may be equipped to handle all of what life brings as it unfolds.

    Do you believe your thoughts have the power to transform your life? Can you identify your damaging thoughts? Each day is a new opportunity to transform your thoughts, yourself and all that is around you for the better!



    Author: Alaisha Capers

    Alaisha Capers is a Life Adversity and Success Coach and the Founder of Life Works Success Coaching, LLC located in the Washington, D.C. metro area.   She helps women overcome adversity and fill in the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. She offers flexible options for sessions which can be conducted via telephone or Skype. Visit her website and blog at www.alaishacapers.com for more information.


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