Our Reason For Being (About HolisticFit.News)

“The Holisticfit brand is built to give real information, to real people, for real results.”

Our approach to health and fitness is different from most. We take the holistic approach, which means we believe that a healthy person is a whole person (mind, body, and soul). This makes HolisticFit.News a place were a person can come begin their Wellness journey, learning how to meditate, and activate your higher self. We exist to create and facilitate healing, awaken your inner self, and activate your full potential.


Our Mission

“Your health isn’t limited to the gym, a diet, or your self image”

HolisticFit.News started out of frustration – our frustration with too many empty promises, diets that don’t work, as well as too much misinformation and miseducation. With all the technological advances in today’s society, it’s odd that people are less healthy and more confused than ever. The whole reason HolisticFit.News was created, is to bringing our members the best holistic health and fitness information, services, and resources.

It’s Simple, HolsiticFit.News is designed to make sure holistic health and fitness is available to everyone, not just the haves or the have nots. We offer personalized assistance to make sure you have the right information that fits your needs, then following the steps to a healthier life (Holistic Engineering).


Why Now?

“There’s no reason for you to be stressed or feel that a better body, a better mindset, or a better life isn’t for you.”

Lets be honest, THE INDUSTRY IS BROKEN! The industry is over saturated with fad diets, synthetic supplements, magic pills, and faux science. Evidence of this is shown by the number of people who struggle with weight gain, sickness, and disease. Not to mention that many good coaches, trainers, nutritionist, writers and etc. are being drowned out as well.

Our ‘WHY’ has created a simple goal. To help identify the best holistic practices and strategies, organic nutrition recipes, types of exercises and workouts, the best holistic coaches and trainers that you can apply to your life to find balance, be fit, be happy, be healthy.