Affirmations are used as one of the tools for lifting a person from natural human consciousness in to a higher level of being. Daily affirmations can lift the reader from a state of emotional depression to a healthy and realistic self esteem. Try the two below!


I have a wise and loving friend within me.

I accept and experience all my feelings.

It is more healthy to express myself clearly and directly.

I am now creating safe ways and places to express my anger.

It is safe for me to be vulnerable.

I can reward myself for trying new things.

My dreams can come true.

I choose life.

My intuition knows what my body needs.

I now surrender to my body’s needs.

I trust my body, I trust myself.

Through recognizing and acknowledging my blocks, I release and clear them.

I am now clearing my negative beliefs.

I have the freedom and power to create the life I desire.

Today I can listen and respond to my own needs.

I forgive myself completely.



I am able because I think I am able.

I am stronger than I think.

It is not what happens to me, but how I handle it that determines my emotional well being.

I can trust my soul – it knows the way.

I can trust, honour and respect the process of change.

I have all the guidance, energy, ideas, creativity, power and ability to do all I am meant to do.

I can make each moment count today.

Facing and feeling my fears can empower me to move forward.

Many things are possible if I accept that the fastest way to achieve is one step at a time.

Whatever happens outside of me can never replace that which I can find within me.

Today I trust what I feel and listen to my inner voice. It does not matter if others disagree.

I do not dominate others or allow others to dominate me.

I am responsible for changing what I do not like in my life.

I can give up all my struggling and self-defeating messages.

I no longer want to repeat the same mistakes over and over – it is time to move forward.

It is time for me to grow up. I can now handle my own life with joy and ease.

I value myself today. I value everything about me.


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