Antioxidant Fruit Salad (Detox Breakfast)

    Antioxidant Fruit Salad


    For the vanilla-infused honey:
    1 vanilla bean
    2 cups raw honey

    For the fruit salad:
    1/2 cup blueberries
    1/2 cup blackberries
    3 small plums, sliced
    1 peach or nectarine, sliced
    2-3 tablespoons vanilla infused honey



    1. Make the vanilla infused honey by splitting the vanilla bean down the center, exposing the inside. Scrape the vanilla with a small spoon and stir into the honey. Cut the pod into 3 pieces and add that to the honey as well. Use on fruits, in desserts, or just by the spoonful as desired.
    2. Prepare the fruit and gently combine in a bowl. Top with drizzle with honey.


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