Apartment Community Health


    Our suite of innovative apartment community health and wellness programs address the full continuum of emotional and physical issues of your residents to improve their wellness. This holistic approach ensures each resident has the tools and resources necessary to achieve their personal health and wellness goals.

    HolisticFit is a comprehensive solution to improving your residents health and productivity, empowering residents to make healthy lifestyle changes while helping them overcome barriers to success such as emotional, mental, and physical  health issues. With “build to suit” programs that are customized to meet the needs of each property and each resident, HolisticFit provides your residents with a truly unique wellness experience.

    Apartment Community Health Program Benefits: Reducing Operating Costs. 

    • Reducing staff turnover associated with burnout and fatigue.
    • Minimizing Empty Units: Our residential community managers report longer residential stays, and fewer empty units.
    • Happier Residents: Community managers tell us that HolisticFit’s Residential Fitness not only improve their tenants health, but build a greater sense of living arrangement satisfaction.
    • Build a Competitive Advantage by offering an amenity of choice! Residential community participants tell us that our apartment communityhealth programs also increase resident socialization and improve moods. And who doesn’t want a cheerier living environment.


    Our suite of programs and services Includes:

    Community Health Tracking & Risk Assessment

    Community health tracking and Risk assessment is used for evaluating an complexes diverse population and providing measurable, accurate data to monitor and track the success of the apartment community wellness program on an ongoing basis.

    Depart From Tobacco

    Our health coaches are uniquely suited to support an individual in their goal of quitting smoking. We understand that a resident’s addiction to tobacco is intertwined with other lifestyle issues, and our coaches help keep a client tobacco-free through a holistic plan that addresses their social, nutritional and exercise needs.

    Personal Design – Natural Weight Loss

    Each person is different and requires a personalized program to look and perform at their highest potential. Personal Design utilizes the latest techniques in exercise and natural movement testing, advanced nutrition screening, and in depth Holistic assessments, to personalize every aspect of your program and fit your individual needs.

    Holistic Health & Life Coaching

    We all want to change or expand something in our lives. As you know by now, your behaviors and thoughts are the only things you can change. The objective is to create positive habits that lasts. As adults we make changes through practical everyday application and repetition. Lasting change takes time, commitment and the courage to break out of your comfort zone. Our certified health and life coaches guide you to make the changes you desire based on your genuine self (your Personal Design). There is no guess work or one size fits all approach!

    Community Wellness Challenges

    Resident engagement is key to an apartment community wellness programs success, and HolsiticFit helps properties generate excitement and participation by offering property wellness challenges. These turn-key programs are administered completely by HolisticFit and are a proven way to motivate residents to enroll in a wellness program and adopt healthier lifestyles. Residents can choose from a variety of programs including individual or team competitions as well as having their own team personal coach and trainers.

    Residential Pamper Day

    Show your residents and staff how much you appreciate them. During this day we offer free chair massages, yoga class, personal training, wellness screening, smoothie bar and much more… Our pamper days are a great way to launch your apartment wellness program.

    Fitness & Wellness Services

    HolisticFit allows you to have all the amenities and services of a health club right at your residential property. Our fitness services and classes are designed to increase program awareness and utilization, and to encourage resident’ efforts toward healthy behavior change. Residents can schedule and sign up for training sessions and classes directly through your community’s web portal.

    We offer your entire community  special  discounted pricing and packaging on all training and fitness services. All of our trainer and coaches  are nationally certified and bonded.

    We provide the following health and fitness services.

    • Personal Training
    • Fit Camps & Small Group Training
    • Heath & Wellness Classes (Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, Abs and etc…)
    • Massage Therapy
    • Meditation Class
    • Cooking Classes & Demonstrations




    Learn how HolisticFit can be a perfect fit for your apartment community!