Chemotherapy kills: Discover the affordable alternative to a cancer-free life

    Credit: Natural News

    Author: Daniel Barker

    (NaturalNews) Although chemotherapy-based treatment for cancer has improved somewhat over the decades since it was first introduced, the fact remains that not only are these drugs prohibitively expensive for many people, but they are by no means a panacea. It’s a telling fact that 75 percent of the world’s physicians refuse chemotherapy for themselves.

    The side-effects of chemotherapy can be nearly as devastating as the disease itself, and often the cancer returns after a brief remission period.

    Millions of us are now beginning to recognize the effectiveness of a holistic approach to the prevention of cancer – as well as its treatment.

    Preventing and treating cancer naturally is far better and much less expensive than chemo and radiation therapy – and although there may be no single natural preventative or “cure” for cancer (except for perhaps cannabis, which has shown great promise in treating numerous cancers), there are many natural methods that, in combination, can greatly reduce the risk of developing cancer. The same methods have, in many cases, also been proven to treat it as – or more – effectively as any existing standard pharmaceutical approach.

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