An alternative to the health club mass training approach.

Whether you’re training for increased sports performance, want to lose weight or simply want to look and function at your best, exercise is like a drug. It must be prescribed for optimal results.

Holistic Personal Training starts with an in-depth bio-mechanical assessment that consists of holistic health history analysis, physiological load evaluation, core function and stability tests, strength and power tests, posture and movement analysis and range of motion screens.

After the initial assessment, we design your personalized 4-6 week stretching and exercise programs based upon the information from your Holistic assessment. All personal training programs are designed to help you prevent injury, build strength, achieve your ideal weight, improve balance, stability and flexibility, increase lean muscle mass, burn body fat and master functional movement patterns.

how you Want(1)


Your decide whats best for you. Workout on your own, in a group, or with your personal coach trainer.

where you Want(2)


A nationally certified trainer will help you reach your goals no matter where you are. We will send a trainer to your house or meet online. WE COME TO YOU!

when you Want WHEN YOU WANT

Forget traveling to the gym. Our workouts are designed to fit your unique schedule. Workout from home, the office, or while your traveling.


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All Holistic Personal training sessions are conducted either ONLINE or IN-HOME/MOBILE by one of our highly vetted, nationally certified and bonded personal trainers. All Holistic Personal Training Packages Include:

  • All Natural Supplement Consultation And Recommendations
  • Personalized Organic Nutrition Meal Plan
  • Personalized Organic Strength Training Design
  • In-Home or Online Personal Training Sessions
  • Holistic Personal Design Activation Plan
  • Holistic Fitness Email Series
  • And Much More…


Holistic Personal Training Packages

ONLINE - $ 100 

Meet with your personal coach/trainer anywhere at anytime.

Includes online workouts and live online 1-on-1

sessions with your personal coach.

IN HOME - $ 300 

We come to you! Meet your fitness needs right in the

comfort of your own home. We have all the tools and

equipment needed too ensure your success.

DYNAMIC - $ 550 

Create your very own TEAM

of 2-3 trainers/coaches and

meet with each coach/trainer 1x per week.