Why Holistic health Coaching?

    Which benefits can Personal Design Holistic Health Coaching bring you? 
    After a foundation session by a certified health or life coaches, a Coaching session(s) can help you deal with specific issues and challenges in your life, such as how to:
    • Bring emotional stability and clarity
    • Deal with relationships and co-dependency
    • Understand and resolve self-worth issues
    • Deal with stress at work, prevent or recover from burnout
    • Be more creative, and communicate in the right ways for you
    • Deal with mental anxiety and fears
    • Know how to take the right decisions
    • Understand the life-phase you are going through and the challenges it is bringing
    • Understand the pain and suffering you have experienced and why, how and where you got triggered


    As a complement to the coaching sessions, We also offer workshops to deepen your knowledge of your Personal Design.


    Coaching sessions for whom? (see examples of coaching cases)

    • For children and young adults, giving them the tools they need in life to make the right decisions.
    • For families, mothers and fathers to understand their children and the dynamics within the family.
    • For men and women, in their personal and professional life.
    • For people in relationships: who am I who is the other, how do we meet?
    • For therapists/teachers/coaches etc., in order to get an understanding about the way they interact with their clients or students, or for extra insight about a certain clients or students.
    • For people who want to live their life as themselves, for people seeking growth and satisfaction.


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