Live Life Smarter

We believe, in living healthier smarter. HolisticFit Transformation Challenge combines intelligent exercise, natural movement training, holistic sciences, and the latest in nutrition science to offer powerful life changing results. Reach your goals with the HolisticFit Transformation Challenge! Workout on your own schedule, anytime, and anywhere. We  tell you exactly what to do and provide you with everything you need to be successful.

Organic Nutrition

Meal Planning made complete with shopping guides, and weekly menus customized around your schedule.


Organic Strength Training. Workout on your own schedule, anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device.


Holistic Living 

Holistic Engineering Personal Design is like a blueprint to discovering and creating(Personal Design) the best version of yourself.



Team activity & accountability. Your team will keep you accountable, motivated, and make the challenge fun!




Transform your body, health, and mindset with your professionally built Personal Design Program and personal coach who will guide and encourage you every step of the way.  

All programs are designed to not only quickly and safely change your body, but also to improve your overall mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Allowing you to achieve optimal wellness and discover the full potential of  YOUR MIND, BODY, & SOUL.

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Join The Challenge

Indivisual Challenge

$ 25

The individual Challenge will help you

blast through your goals and you can even

have your own personal coach.

Team Challenge  

$ 20 per person

Form a team of up to 5 friends or

be placed on a team

with 5 individuals. 



Competition Guidelines & Rules

earning points

Form a team of up to 5 friends or be placed on a team with 5 individuals. Your team will be led by your own HolisticFit Coach. Your team members will be become your best support system. They will hold you accountable, be your support system and motivate you.  half of the grand prize money will be devoted to  the winning teams and will be divided equally between team members and coaches.

Makeup of Team

Team Coach Each team will have it’s own certified HolsiticFit coach. Each team coach is  nationally certified, licensed, and bonded. You will be able  to choose the best coach for your team. All team coaches will be familiar with the natural products/supplements and will be able to provide motivation, support and guidance. Coaches are a very important part of a teams success.

Coaches are eligible to receive a portion of teams or individual winnings. A coach can recruit and guide as many teams as he or she wants. In fact we encourage our HolisticFit coaches to recruit since they are eligible to receive affiliate compensation for individuals and teams they register.

Team Advocate The team advocate is chosen by either the team coach or members. The advocate is responsible for working with the coach and help motivate, provide encouragement and help teammates reach their goals. Also, the advocate is in charge of building team unity, creating positive energy, and team accountability.

Don’t have a team? No problem! The individual HolisticFit Transformation Challenge will help you blast through your goals and you can even have your own personal coach. Half of the Grand Prize money will be giving to the to individuals at the end of the challenge with their coach being awarded their portion.