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    What Is The Holistic Network

    The holistic network is a collaborative platform for holistic professionals & entrepreneurs, designed to help holistic professionals grow their business and improve their community. This collabrative community offers a way to easily connect practitioners with patients and teachers with students.

    The Holistic Network  Mission:

    To significantly transform the holistic health industry and bring mainstream attention to holistic professionals.

    The Holistic Network Vision:

    For The Holistic Network to become the industry-defining global collaborative online community,  built on helping holistic professionals and businesses find their unique VOICE!

    What Do We do?

    Well, it’s pretty simple! We drive as much traffic as possible to your website, original content, events, social media pages and etc… We also work with you to help you gain new clients, establish strategic partnerships with business and organizations that will help you grow your business. Increasing brand awareness and market penetration , we call this our collaborative economics model.


    Holistic Network Membership Requirements

    In order to become a member you must complete the following:
    1. Fill out the profile registration page
    2. Submit a piece of original content
    3. Conduct a feature interview
    4. Place HoslisticFit.news badge on your website
    5. Execute Joint Email Blast Announcement

    Monthly Requirements For Membership:
    1. Submit 2 pieces of original content per month
    2. Social media Participation 1x per week
    3. Keep your profile up to date with your classes, events, testimonials, and etc…


    Included In Membership

    Professional Profile

    Complete with map, video, link to website, testimonials, customer reviews, opportunity to sell services and products.

    Increase Digital Visibility

    Increase your Google and Yahoo search ranking with out holistic SEO support.

    Content Promotion

    We promote your content, events, and special deals on our website, social media outlets, events calendar and Holsiticology Newsletter.

    Content can be:

    • Articles & Blogs
    • Videos, Video Series
    • Podcast
    • Pictures/ Info-graphics
    • And More…

    Geo-targeting Content

    Display your events and profile too prospects in your local area.

    Social media Integration

    All content is posted throughout all our social media platforms and blogging tools in order to get you maximum exposure and the best chance to go viral.

    E-Commerce Sales & Affiliate Program

    Offer online coupons, features services, and Groupon like promotions.

    Sell your original products, e-books, inventions, systems and more…

    Use our supplements, products, online services and content to make a profit.

    Extra Benefits

    We offer several amenities which give you the opportunity to add value and extra streams of income to your business.

    1. Revenue Sharing*
    2. Discount on Lawyer Services
    3. Access to natural supplements and products for your business
    4. Business Funding & Investment Capital Services
    5. Graphic Design Services
    6. Business Formation and Strategy Services
    7. Sales, Marketing, Branding Services
    8. And Much More


    Membership Is Free