How stress affects the body

    STRESS! Stress is widely recognized as the #1 killer by proxy. The American Medical Association has noted that stress is the basic cause of more than 60% of all human diseases, it has tremendous negative mental physical, and spiritual effects, and yet we often forget how stress affects the body.

    Stress occurs when the demands in our life exceed our ability to cope and it effects our emotional, physical and spiritual health.

    On the emotional level it may lead to depression and anxiety, while on the spiritual level we may not feel connected, fulfilled or balanced, and on the physical level, a variety of stress related illnesses may develop. There really isn’t any part of the body that isn’t affected by stress.

    Stress can be positive or negative, but either one triggers the body’s biological stress response in the same way and the impact on the body, mind and self is the same.


    Why have the Effects of Stress become such a Serious Issue

    Stress has been around since the beginning of time, so why is it so difficult for most people to handle these days?

    There are two reasons:

    1. Most people have way too many demands in their life. Their working too many hours and/or too many jobs, have too many activities, are juggling several high stress jobs while raising a family, are spending too much time in traffic, have too many stimuli in their environment, etc.
    2. Environmental toxins and poor diet are exhausting the endocrine system – particularly the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands are one of the main organs involved in the fight or flight stress response. Diets that are high in sugar, white flour, refined foods, pesticides, and additives and low in nutrients lead to many health conditions including a malfunctioning endocrine system and depleted adrenal glands. The human body was not designed to handle the onslaught of environmental toxins we all live with daily and this puts excessive burden on the endocrine organs.

    When your endocrine system is not functioning properly, you can’t cope with stress effectively. This results in a vicious cycle where the weakened endocrine systems creates more stress and the higher levels of stress continuously weaken the endocrine system even more.


    Here are the 50 most common signs and symptoms of STRESS:

    1. Frequent headaches

    2. Frequent jaw clenching, or gritting or grinding teeth

    3. Stuttering or stammering

    4. Tremors, trembling of lips, hands

    5. Muscle spasms, neck pain, or backache

    6. Dizziness

    7. Ringing in ears

    8. Frequent blushing or sweating

    9. Cold or sweaty hands or feet

    10. Dry mouth and/or difficulty swallowing

    11. Frequent colds or infections

    12. Frequent rashes, itching, or goosebumps

    13. Frequent unexplained allergy symptoms

    14. Frequent heartburn or acid reflux

    15. Excessive belching

    16. Changes in bowel habits

    17. Difficulty breathing

    18. Sudden panic attacks

    19. Chest pain or palpitations

    20. Frequent urination

    21. Lowered sex drive

    22. Frequent anxiety

    23. Frequent periods of anger

    24. Depression or frequent mood swings

    25. Changes in appetite

    26. Trouble sleeping

    27. Difficulty concentrating

    28. Learning problems (things don’t stick)

    29. Memory loss, short or long-term

    30. Difficulty making decisions

    31. Feeling overwhelmed

    32. Suicidal thoughts

    33. Feelings of loneliness or worthlessness

    34. Little interest in appearance, punctuality

    35. Nervousness

    36. Increased irritability and overreaction

    38. Frequent minor accidents

    39. Obsessive or compulsive behavior

    40. Diminished productivity

    41. Excessive impulsive shopping or gambling

    42. Rapid speech

    43. Excessive defensiveness or paranoia

    44. Trouble communicating

    45. Social shyness and isolation

    46. Chronic fatigue

    47. Frequent use of over-the-counter medications

    48. Unexplained sudden weight gain or loss

    49. Increased smoking, alcohol abuse, or illicit drug use

    50. Dull and dry skin, wrinkles and lines


    How Stress Affects The Body!


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