Knowing your numbers….

    Organic vs Conventional
    Organic vs Conventional

    Knowing your numbers… Have you ever wondered what the numbers on the stickers  on your food mean?  Those numbers are meant to represent the way particular fruits and vegetables are grown. There are four different numbers that mean something on these stickers, here in the U.S.



    If the (5) digit number on the sticker begins with a 3 or 4, it’s considered a conventionally grown fruit or vegetable. Simply put, conventionally grown means that pesticide were used at some point in it’s production process.  Our statistics have shown that this is the most common type of produced found over the widest range of households in the U.S.


    Genetically Modified (GMO)

    If the sticker starts with the number 8, it’s considered to be genetically modified.  Genetically modified means, it contains genetic altering material.  These produce have been genetically altered to display a desired characteristic such as Color, Seedless, Size, etc…  Our studies show that this will be the most commonly found produce in lower income and lower vibrating areas.



    If the sticker starts with the number 9, it’s considered to be Organic.  Organic simply means, grown without pesticides or genetically modified materials.  Our studies show that this type of produce is encountered the least amongst U.S households.

    Studies show that we absorb more nutrients per serving with Organic foods.  This allows us to eat less, while getting more nutrients and energy out of this type of food.  It has a familiar unaltered genetic code that our body recognizes, allowing us to break it down and process it more efficiently.


    We recommend that you do your own independent study on all of these different types of food.  The cost will look like its different, but really you get more nutrition out of naturally grown food.

    We will be bringing you interviews from local farmers and agricultural specialist.

    Knowing your numbers…


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