Learn About the 7 Chakras + How They Function From Root To Crown

We give it out, we take it in, we wear it always. Our lives are powered by an electric and invisible energy. And, no, we’re not talking about that kick from your last matcha latte. Let’s take a look at the seven chakras – what they are, what they mean and how we can use them to balance ourselves and function better than ever. 

Yogi Ali Owens created a seven part meditation series called Chakra Wake Up within the Yoga Wake Up app. We’re loving this little series, alongside Yoga Wake Up’s other meditations to music, stretch sessions, and audio yoga classes for instant vibes in the morning at home. Check out the whole series and read through Ali’s thorough explanation of the chakra system below…

What is a Chakra? A chakra is an energetic wheel or vortex of energy found in the subtle body. Prana, life force energy, circulates through various nadis, pathways of energy. The seven main chakras align with the Sushumna Nadi, or central channel. Along the Sushumna Nadi the Ida, lunar/feminine, and Pingala, solar/masculine, nadis scissor like a figure eight up the spine joining at the sixth chakra.

UNDERSTANDING how CHAKRAs function: Each chakra has specific physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and energetic characteristics. I am able to understand myself on a deeper level and manage my energy throughout the day referencing them. I am constantly re-balancing the chakras through meditation, asana, mantra, aromatherapy, crystal and sound healing.

Understanding the chakras has also enhanced my personal yoga practice. Rather than fixating on the physical, I am able to access the energetic expression of each pose, from a standing pose (tadasana) to opening all of the chakras in chakrasana, or urdhva dhanurasana (full wheel).

Chakras add a lot of color to our lives. Each chakra is associated with a color found on the rainbow. They add a fun, new dimension in which we can better understand ourselves and relate to our surrounding environment. Your body is a well of wisdom and by diving into this ancient system you can better understand yourself and lead a bright life filled with optimal vitality.

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