Are you going for a way to eliminate lower back pain? Most people when working out completely disregard the lower back. Not a big surprise seeing how most workout machines at the gym target only the upper back. Effective lower back workouts help stabilize the spine. The lower back exercises below will engage the stabilizer muscles and help you tone your entire body by only using your own body weight! Thus helping you alleviate any lower back pain.



Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat
Knees to Chest Hug – 12 reps
Bird Dog – 15 reps (each side)
Superman – 15 reps
Superman Alternating – 16 reps
Pelvic Thrust (Bridge) – 12 reps
Cat Stretch – 10 reps
– Complete 3 sets of each exercise
– Execute workout 2x’s per week

Demonstration Videos:



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