Medicinal Education Week

    This week we will be discussing the medicinal use of the marijuana plant.  We will be educating you on the plants active properties and proper methods of use.

    More people are becoming more open to exploring the use of the once taboo plant. Today 25 States and Washington D.C. have passed laws legalizing the use of Cannabis extracts for epileptic conditions.

    With Cancer and other diseases running ramped in our society, the hope of  many ailing people is to get more benefit with the use of less pharmaceutical pills.  The Cannabis plant has been know to prompt relaxation, calmness, reduce anxiety, and prevent epileptic seizures in people of all ages.

    This week’s article lineup includes: 

    The beginners user guide to cannabis

    • Anxiety
    • Indica /Sativa
    • Anti-Cancer
    • Epilepsy
    • Suite 420……


    We will be holding a educational seminar at the end of the week in Washington DC. 1pm-8pm  9/17/2016.

    Click here to see more info and to Register Here

    Educational Seminar Overview:img_0048

    Breakout Sessions 

    • Indica vs. Sativa
    • Edible Science
    • THC
    • CBD
    • Extracts
    • Cannabis and Cancer

    What to expect:

    • Real Education from experts
    • Free Samples
    • Great People
    • Great Atmosphere




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