Kelsey Reed

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  • Kelsey Reed is head coach at Strength and Performance Training in Fairfax, VA and she is a research consultant for Concentric Brain. She played multiple sports throughout childhood. But at 16, she was bitten by the iron bug and has been lifting ever since. She adores picking up heaving things and teaching others to do the same. She primarily works with youth and adolescent athletes and firmly believes that every kid should know how to move iron.

    She graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and Nutrition. She acquired more letters after her name and is a CSCS, RKC, Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach, and has a Neurokinietic Therapy Level 1.

    While she was in college, she competed in bodybuilding and powerlifting. She earned her bodybuilding pro-card in 2008 and set two All-American powerlifting records in 2009. She continues to strive to deadlift the world and also competes in adventure races for fun.

    In her down time, she lives life on the wild side by not following recipes when she cooks, fighting battles through characters fantasy fiction novels, and attempting to make her cats love her.

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    Student Athlete Performance Training

    Title: Athletic performance, youth strength and conditioning, powerlifting
    Address: 3160 Spring St, fairfax VA 22031 United States
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