Matthew (Scotty) Cogdell

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  • M Scotty Cogdell has been a Chi Gung practitioner for 15 years, and has been authorized to teach for over a decade, under the auspices of Shen Tao Innergy Arts. M Scotty Cogdell is also the author of two books, “between Zen and Tao,” a modern take on Patanjali’s Yoga, and “Once Upon a Time Called Love,” about love as it ascends the Chakra system. One of the main goals of what is offered is physical well being and spiritual growth.

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    Shen Tao Innergy Arts

    Title: Sifu/Instructor

    Manassas, VA

    Address: tba
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  • About Company: Shen Tao Innergy Arts was founded by Sunyata Saraswati, and teaches different healing modalities, such as Chi-Gung, Temple Style Tai Chi, Pranayam, and Meditation.