Rachel Clarke

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  • About Rachel Clarke

    Growing up Rachel was always very active and enjoyed fitness. She was part of track, basketball and volley ball teams throughout school. Rachel took gymnastics and jazz classes outside of school and realized she had stumbled upon something great. It was then that Rachel discovered her passion for dance.

    As time passed, Rachel joined dance groups that performed at numerous talent show and events around the city of Toronto. In addition to teaching dance at different dance studios around the GTA. Rachel wanted to be more involved in the dancing world. Rachel saw that the Toronto Argonauts where looking for cheerleaders and auditioned. In 2003, Rachel made the team an was an Argonauts cheerleader. Over the three years of being a cheerleader, Rachel performed for the musical artists such as the Black Eyed Peas and Nelly Furtado.

    Rachel is an instructor at a kickboxing studio called Ilovekickboxing. She started of as a member and grew the skills needed to train. In addition she does Muay Thai on the side.

    About I Love Kick Boxing

    Rachel truly loves helping people achieve their wellness goals in life. Once you look better you feel better about your self. Rachel loves working at ILKB. Rachel loves to see ILKB members work hard and earn the results that they want. With her energetic and enthusiastic personality Rachel leads and demands Kickboxing sessions with high energy and lots of hard work and fun. Classes are one hour long, the first 15 minutes is very high intensity Cardio and conditioning warm that include anything from running, burpees, push ups, sit ups and everything under the sun. There’s 6 rounds on the bag each round is three minutes long, where you incorporate different punches and kicks. After you get through the bag work- clients will do partner work and conditioning.

    ***Kickboxing classes are known to burn over 800 calories and is an amazing stress reliever

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    I Love Kick Boxing

    Title: Personal Trainer, Dance Instructor
    Address: 11399 Keele St Vaughan, ON, Canada
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