Why more people are turning to Cannabis to relax….? (Anxiety)

    More and more people are turning to Cannabis for relaxation and to treat anxiety than ever before.  Now being that we’re in the information age, there is a abundance of information on the internet that gives people the pros and cons of medicinal Marijuana use.

    We have come a long way from getting “weed” in a ally from some shady guy, not knowing were it came from or whats in it.  Now a days there is a whole industry, with dispensaries  and professional growers that you can access relatively easily. Not to mention all  science that goes into understanding of the different active compounds associated with the plant itself.

    Due to the may medical benefits of Cannabis more states are continuing to decriminalize Marijuana, allowing people to see past the taboo created around it for so many years.

    One of the main active compounds in Cannabis is CBD (Cannabinol). There are many ailments that have shown positive results from being treated with CBD.  Anxiety, Cancer, Inflammation, and Epilepsy have all had positive effects from the use of medical marijuana, and that’s just to name a few.  CBD has been changing the debate surrounding medical marijuana and it’s effects on the human body.

    How Cannabis can relieve anxiety?

    Out of a sample group of 20 people, 85% of them reported a immediate sense of relief after using the plant.  Beware, improper use or the wrong strain can provide the exact opposite effect, including paranoia.  This is easily prevented by speaking with a specialist who can differentiate one strain from on another.

    Studies have shown CBD to be very effective in treating anxiety. With the Indica strains being most associated with the treatment of anxiety.

    Examples: Bubba Kush, God’s Gift, and  Berry White….  just to name a few.

    Intake Methods: There are many methods available to intake the cannabis plant besides the traditional smoking of the bud. Some of the most efficient methods available now are vaporizers, concentrates, edibles, topical, as well as pill form.

    We encourage everyone to do their own research, and make sure you are in a area where it’s legal to partake in the use of Marijuana.

    Click here for: Legal States and Possession Limits  




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