Read the labels – on everything – all of the time.

This is a quick post to remind everyone to read the labels of the products you buy all of the time, no matter where you shop. Both of these are true stories and are examples of just how easy unwanted ingredients can still make it into your shopping bag!

Dish Soap

I was at a natural and organic grocery chain picking up a few things. As I walked through the dish soap aisle, I remembered we were getting low on ours, so I grabbed a bottle. Because of where I was shopping, I did not think I needed to check out the label, and assumed it would be an all natural product.

Skip to unpacking the grocery bag at home, as I pulled out the dish soap to put it away, I decided to read the label. What!?!?! .00024% DC or FD&C color.

In my opinion, using any amount of DC or FD&C color should NOT be found in a food store that markets itself to be a source of products with only clean and natural ingredients. It makes me leery of what other “hidden” or “overlooked” unhealthy ingredients are lurking in ALL of the products on their shelves and other stores like it. So lesson learned (again), buyer beware. Read the labels and be an educated and informed consumer.

I took it back by the way. ?

Taco Seasoning

A friend of ours with 2 children in grade school traditionally cooks her family “taco Tuesdays” for dinner. One Tuesday afternoon she realized that she was out of the natural taco spice blend she usually uses, in effort to save time instead of running to that particular store to purchase more, she went into a national spice chain.

This particular spice store gives the impression of stocking very high-end, upscale, high-quality, exotic, natural spices, and to some extent it does. Our friend learned later that evening the hard way that what she assumed would be a simple clean taco seasoning blend, that she ran in and grabbed without reading the label, included lactose.

Lactose may not be the worst ingredient in the world, but who would think that a taco seasoning blend from a speciality spice store would contain lactose. This is significant because in this case one of her children has a severe lactose allergy, one that can affect her physically and mentally. Even though it seemed like an insignificant amount as part of a whole meal, it did affect the child the next day.

These stories follow our original post that remind us that just because you think you are purchasing from a beautiful speciality store doesn’t mean all of the products there are clean, natural, or organic. Always read the labels!

Read the labels – on everything

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