This home sandbag cardio plan will be centered around Tabata Training. In short, Tabata Training is a form of High Intensity Interval Training that involves alternating 30 seconds of high intensity activity with 10 seconds of brief rest until you have completed eight rounds which takes a total of four minutes.

    We will incorporate two activities that will incorporate Tabata for two rounds each which will total 16 total minutes. Add in one minute rest between each round and you have 19 minutes total from start to finish.


    Exercise #1 – Sand Bag Run

    Pick up the sandbag, place it over one of your shoulders, and begin sprinting for 20 consecutive seconds then take a 10 second break.

    When your next sprint begins, pick up the sandbag and place it over the opposite shoulder that you used last time. So if you carried it on your right side during your first sprint, carry it on your left shoulder this time.

    After your second 20 second sprint, take another 10 second break. This will be the one minute mark. Repeat this pattern until four minutes has passed.

    Alternative: If you can’t come up with a place for you to run for some reason, or have health issues that may affect your ability to run, that’s okay. You can perform this alternate workout – Simply stand behind your sandbag. When your 20 second starts, pick up the sandbag to shoulder level.


    Exercise #2 –  Sand Bag Lift & Squats

    Sandbag lifts don’t have to be complicated to be effective. And few exercises can compare to the classic squat for building total-body strength and muscle.

    Simply take a sandbag and pick it up and initiate the movement by pushing your hips back. Lower your thighs until they’re at least parallel to the floor, and then press back up. And then quickly set it down.


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