-Too Much To Do, And Not Enough Time-

    Many people believe there is too much to do and not enough time to do it. Life can be a rush from one activity to the other, and no matter how fast you go you never seem to catch up. Time can be elusive in that way. Organizations, leaders across many industries, caregivers and anyone juggling the demands of participating in a fast pace society are seeking time management skills. Heck, you need time management skills even if you are living “off the grid” away from fast pace society in a remote place surviving on your own! Everyone can afford to learn time management skills. Another thing that is for certain is that there is no such thing as “time management” because time is only an enabler. Juggling the demands we each have as individuals is a matter of self-management. Time is our measure of how many hours there are in a day, how many days there are in a week. There is always seemingly too much to do, and never enough time to do it.

    In a given day, you may not have enough time to finalize a work proposal, go out with your friends, go swimming and cycling, take your dog to the park, and then show your nieces how to bake brownies. In the upcoming week, you may not be able to work a full forty-hour work week, transport all of your kids to their various extracurricular activities, prepare a home cooked meal every night of the week, help your kids with their homework, finish decorating the baby’s room, escort your aging parent to the doctor, have a romantic dinner out with your husband – one could go on. What you really must ask yourself, is “What do I REALLY want?” “What do I really want to accomplish in a given day, or in a given week, and in a lifetime?”

    -Too Much To Do, And Not Enough Time.-

    Learn to Prioritize

    Life is a series of choices. This is where prioritizing comes into play. Maybe playing pool can wait until next weekend? Or maybe you don’t have to go out with your friends on this occasion? Sacrifices must be made if time is to be handled well, but you will be happy for it in the end, because instead of doing lots of things in a stressful way, always thinking and rushing around to get to the next task on the agenda, you can really take your time and enjoy the pleasures of life.

    Eliminate Activities

    You will find, when you force yourself to prioritize, that you use some of your time rather poorly. You might say that you have no time, but actually spend 4 hours a night watching television, or 2 hours a day having a drink after work. While these activities are relaxing, they might be worthwhile cutting out if you want to successfully obtain your PhD within the next two years. Cutting away routine misuse of time will open up the space for you to do more of what you really want.

    Time is a Valuable Resource

    Perhaps you are a self-made business person who is driven to take things to the next level? Perhaps you have always wanted to learn how to paint, or how to play guitar? Maybe you want to dedicate more time to your family as well as community? Your most important personal values must become your primary use of time. When seen as a valuable resource, time starts to be used more wisely.

    Saying “No”- The Key to Stress Reduction

    “Will you just cover for me tonight, please?” “Will you volunteer with me this weekend?” “Can you take on an extra 10 tasks this week?” Say “NO” if you don’t want to, and if it is best for you to use the time otherwise. People often get stressed because they take on too much, sometimes at the last moment. They may have their time all planned out, and then something is added to their schedule or list of responsibilities. In addition, it often takes a person longer to do something than expected and this causes all other activities to be delayed and time can be extremely limited. Saying, “No” is an effective solution.
    Enjoy life, and don’t be a slave to its demands or demands you place on yourself. Invest your time wisely, and become a master at self-management. Remember, time is only an enabler. It is what you do with it that counts!

    -Too Much To Do, And Not Enough Time-

    Alaisha Capers is a Life and Success Coach and the Founder of Life Works Success Coaching, LLC located in the Washington, D.C. metro area. She helps women overcome momentous adversity and reach their personal or professional goals. Alaisha’s core coaching areas are career exploration and change, emotional and mental well-being, and goal setting and achievement. She helps her clients create the life they want because they realize they need a change and are ready to experience results. She offers flexible options for sessions which can be conducted via telephone or Skype to coach those across the miles. Visit her website and blog. www.alaishacapers.com for more information.

    -Too Much To Do, And Not Enough Time.-


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