Why HolisticFit Personal Design

    Why HolisticFit Personal Design?

    Over the past two years, we’ve helped hundreds of clients discover their inner code for success, to learn who they really are, deep inside and how to create better, more fulfilling lives using the secrets contained in the powerful new technology, HolisticFit Personal Design.

    We’ve seen clients transform the bodies and lives. We’ve seen them go from uncertainty to being confident and self-assured in every interaction.

    We’ve received countless calls and emails from people thanking us for introducing them to the simple, yet powerful, Keys to Success contained in their Personal Design.

    Whether you are looking to lose weight, seeking a new direction in life, or want to attract a soulmate, or experience a deeper level of fulfillment in your work, and even if you are seeking more clarity on your Higher Purpose, Personal Design technology will help you create the success you desire, and more…


    With HolisticFit Design, you have all the tools that …

    Provides the knowledge for you to always make the right decisions at every turn in your life.  

    Most of the pain and disappointment we experience in life comes from having made really bad decisions, like choosing to eat processed foods, marrying the wrong person, or choosing a career that isn’t satisfying.  Now you can avoid years or even decades of unhappiness because you have the Key to making the Right Decisions for yourself, every time!

    Empowers you to streamline your own energy so you easily achieve your goals.

    We give you the keys to unlock your full potential! Ensuring that you will always be at the right place, in the right time, with the right people, so you waste zero energy and use all of your time to your greatest benefit!

    Creates alignment and balance in your life.

    Being properly aligned and balance allows you to operate at your highest potential CONSISTENTLY.  This allows you to create significant lasting change.



    [divider]Program Breakdown[/divider]

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    – $25

    Our new HolisticFit Personal Design programming logic personalized your entire program based on your in-depth holistic assessment. Your personalized program includes:

    • Personalized strength training & Natural movement program.
    • Personalized nutrition program w/ shopping guide
    • Stretching & recovery guide
    • Holistic Personal Design guide & life plan
    •  Natural supplement recommendations
    • Quick start 10 day detox
    • Mobile phone dashboard
    • Weekly revisions to plan


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    – $80

    We pair you with your own personal coach who customizes your entire plan.  Choose the coach the best fits your needs, a personal trainer, nutritionist, health or life coach, and more…

    Includes everything in the PERSONALIZED PROGRAM and…

    • Meet with your personal coach 2x’s per month via 1-on-1 live video chat.
    •  Unlimited email access to your personal coach
    • 15% discount on natural products and supplements
    •  Resources about mindful eating, healthy restaurant choices, and clean eating on the go...


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    – $150

    Includes everything in the PERSONAL COACH PROGRAM and…

    •  Meet with your personal coach each week (1 month) via 1-on-1 live video chat.
    •  Unlimited email access to your personal coach
    •  Up to a 30% discount on natural products and supplements
    •  HolisticFit Personal Design Coaching Series...